The new level of currency.


Currently, one of the most important elements needed in DeFi is security & accountability.
We all hate rug pull and scams! There are too many untrusted projects since the beginning of DeFi, making it tough for investors to safely invest in trustworthy protocols.
This is why we will implement KYC, Audit & Renounce Contract Ownership as soon as our protocol is launched in order to let our investors know their funds are safe.


DeFi is meant to fix the problems of traditional currencies by putting the power & responsibility in the currency holders' hands. Hence, we encourage you to take profits when you need them. By taking small & regular profits, you can not only ensure your long term sustainability but also our protocol long term success.
Never invest more than you can afford to lose.


We aim to maintain an easily accessible & transparent protocol by providing clear explanations on our investment decisions of Treasury Fund. As written in our Roadmap, we are planning voting process for potential investment of our Treasury Fund if necessary. We will also disclose our expenditures spent by showing breakdown, invoices etc.